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Hi, I’m Mark, the Radical Physicist. After an amazing career in disruptive technologies, I wanted to put something back and encourage others to explore science and technology. The best way I know to do that is by making things. That’s what Elektric Works is all about.

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The PiKon

Turn your Raspberry Pi into an astro-cam. The PiKon is a 3D printed telescope powered by a Raspberry Pi camera to capture images. It is an open hardware design with the .stl files available here and maker web sites.
You can get the non 3D printed parts you need here and if you don’t have a 3D printer, we can supply those parts too.

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Find everything you need

Official PiKon instructions and .stl files: Instructions

Official PiKon web site: PiKonic.com

  • PiKon images

    First images of the moon from the PiKon prototype at the beginning of the project. This was taken with the first generation Pi camera (5MP).
    YouTube maker PCPointerDE shares his results:
    ‘MOON PiKon Telescope - Raspberry Pi 4'

  • How it works

    The PiKon is based on the Newtonian reflecting telescope but instead of using an eye-piece a Raspberry Pi camera with lens removed is placed at the focal point of the primary mirror. This way the image is formed directly onto the Pi camera sensor.

    How it works 
  • Take things further

    Here’s what Patrick Aalto did with his PiKon. It’s fully motorised and you can find the details on his web site:

    Pate’s PiKon telescope 
  • The one minute PiKon

    As part of the National Science and Media Museum’s ‘Hello Universe’ exhibition, we made a time lapse video of a PiKon build: ‘One Minute PiKon'

  • Mark explains the PiKon

    Mark presents PiKon for an Internet of Things event at the Digital Media Centre (Barnsley, Yorkshire, England).

    YouTube Link