Home of the PiKon telescope - an open hardware project that combines 3D printing, Raspberry Pi computing, optics and astronomy.

The PiKon Story

Six years ago at Sheffield University's 'Festival of the Mind' we wanted to show the home enthusiast just what could be done with 3D printing and a Raspberry Pi computer with Pi camera. We designed a prtotype PiKon for a 40 minute talk. Now we’ve shipped over 400 PiKon kits all around the world and had some great feedback. The PiKon is ‘open source’ which means you can down load the design and 3D printer files free of charge from our Dropbox or read more about the build on our website, PiKonic.com.

Build instructions are featured on ThingivereseInstructablesCults, and My Mini Factory. And there is a build video made by Make Magazine.

This is the official PiKon shop and you can buy the things you’ll need to buy a PiKon, form just a telescope mirror, to hardware kits with and without 3D printed parts. All you have to do is supply a Raspberry Pi and Pi Camera. Enjoy your build.