PiKon Full Kit with 3D printed parts
PiKon Full Kit with 3D printed parts

PiKon Full Kit with 3D printed parts

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Everything you need to build a PiKon telescope including 3D printed parts (but not Raspberry Pi and Camera). We've updated the kit to include the Pimoroni Ninja case. So if you don't have access to a 3D printer and own a Raspberry Pi computer and Pi Camera, this is the kit for you.

The PiKon High Quality Camera Adaptor is also included. Designed to upgrade the PiKon with the new Raspberry Pi camera with 12.3 megapixel, Sony IMX447R sensor. The adaptor allows the new camera, which is slightly larger, to be mounted on the existing PiKon camera mount.

Other information you might need for your build is here:
Instructions and 3D Print Files
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Make Live build a PiKon (video)

3D Printed Parts    
Mirror Mount Printed kit Printed Base 1
  Printed Mirror Mount 1
Tripod Mount Printed Kit Printed Tripod Bracket 1
Raspberry Pi Printed Kit Printed Pi Case Bracket 1
Spider & Camers Printed Kit Printed Spider 1
  Printed Adjuster Knob 1
  Printed Camera braket 1
Assembly Part Quantity
Mirror Mount Parts Only M8 x 25mm bolt 3
  M8 Nut 3
  10mm Spring 3
  3.5mm Self Tap 3
  Double sided tape 1
Mirror Only Mirror 1
Tripod Mount Parts Only Tripod Insert 1
  M4 Bolts 16mm 4
  M4 Nylock Nut 4
  Tube (7.20 + 2cutting) 1
  Clear Pi Case 1
Spider & Camers Parts only 10cm M5 Threaded Rod 1
  M5 Square Nut 2
  M5 Domed Nut 1
  3.5mm Self Tap 5
  T2.5 Belt 10cm 1
  T2.5 Pulley with grub screws 1
Camers Parts Only Nylon M2 12mm Bolts 4
  Nylon M2 Nuts 4
  Camera Flat Ribbon 30cm 1