PiKon Full Kit with 3D printed parts
PiKon Full Kit with 3D printed parts

PiKon Full Kit with 3D printed parts

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Everything you need to build a PiKon telescope including 3D printed parts (but not Raspberry Pi and Camera). We've updated the kit to include the Pimoroni Ninja case. So if you don't have access to a 3D printer and own a Raspberry Pi computer and Pi Camera, this is the kit for you. Other information you might need for your build is here:
Instructions and 3D Print Files
PiKon on Instructables.com

PiKon on Thingieverse.com
Make Live build a PiKon (video)

3D Printed Parts    
Mirror Mount Printed kit Printed Base 1
  Printed Mirror Mount 1
Tripod Mount Printed Kit Printed Tripod Bracket 1
Raspberry Pi Printed Kit Printed Pi Case Bracket 1
Spider & Camers Printed Kit Printed Spider 1
  Printed Adjuster Knob 1
  Printed Camera braket 1
Assembly Part Quantity
Mirror Mount Parts Only M8 x 25mm bolt 3
  M8 Nut 3
  10mm Spring 3
  3.5mm Self Tap 3
  Double sided tape 1
Mirror Only Mirror 1
Tripod Mount Parts Only Tripod Insert 1
  M4 Bolts 16mm 4
  M4 Nylock Nut 4
  Tube (7.20 + 2cutting) 1
  Clear Pi Case 1
Spider & Camers Parts only 10cm M5 Threaded Rod 1
  M5 Square Nut 2
  M5 Domed Nut 1
  3.5mm Self Tap 5
  T2.5 Belt 10cm 1
  T2.5 Pulley with grub screws 1
Camers Parts Only Nylon M2 12mm Bolts 4
  Nylon M2 Nuts 4
  Camera Flat Ribbon 30cm 1